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Requirements For Registration As A Real Estate Salesman

Real Estate Salesman

The Real Estate (Dealers and Developers) Act defines a salesman as an individual who engages in the practice of real estate, as an agent of, or subject to the direction, control or management of a real estate dealer. 

NB. On submission of application, if the application is deemed complete, the applicant will be asked to sit for a Interview with an REB Inspector.

Qualification requirements:

  • Successful completion of the 108 hour Pre-licensing Salesman's Course at the Real Estate Training Institute; 
  • Successful completion of the 108 hour Pre-licensing Salesman's Part-time Course at the Real Estate Training Institute.

Registration Requirements:

Please complete/submit in person the following to the Real Estate Board (REB):

  • Application form
  • Application Fee of J$9,000.00 (Increase fee effective April 01, 2019). Payment Options.
  • Submit 3 letters of reference from any of the following:

    NB. The JP that validates your address cannot simultaneously serve as your referee.

    • Justice of the Peace (JP)
    • Minister of Religion
    • Medical Practitioner
    • Senior Teacher or Principal
    • Civil Servant ranked Senior Management Group and above
    • Senior Police Officer (rank above Sergeant)
    • Bank Manager
    • Attorney-at-law
    • Active Real Estate Dealer (except the dealer to whom the salesman is employed)
  • Copy of TRN
  • Police Report

         N.B.:- Police Record should not be older than one year

          How to Obtain a Police Record?


  • Bankruptcy Clearance Report receipt (report will be sent directly to REB)
    Institution: The Supervisor of Insolvency and Government Trustee
    Location: 52-60 Grenada Crescent, Kingston 5
    Fee: $J3,000.00.

          N.B.:- Bankruptcy Clearance Report should not be older than 6 months

  • Complete Fit and Proper Questionnaire Form
  • 2 passport size photographs certified by an Attorney-at-law, Pastor or Justice of the Peace (for individuals only);
  • Proof of address (Utility Bills eg water, electricity, phone, or letter from a JP confirming address)
  • Employment letter by the dealer to which he/she will be employed and licenced.

Requirements for Registration (for person holding Overseas License)

Qualification Requirements:
Please complete/submit in person the following to the Real Estate Board (REB)

  • Certified copy of a current practicing salesman's licence (acceptable to the Board);
  • Evidence of a pass in the Aspects of Jamaican Land Law examination at the Real Estate Training Institute;
  • Evidence of participation in 20 hours of the 108 hour Pre-licensing Salesman's Course at the Real Estate Training Institute and;
  • Work Permit for non-Jamaicans and non-Caricom nationals through the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. More Information on Work Permits

NB: where a qualified applicant has applied to register as a dealer or a salesman but is not a Jamaican, the Real Estate Board will issue a provisional approval to submission of proof of work permit. Final approval for registration and licencing will not be given until the applicant has provided a work permit.  

Registration Requirements:    

  • Application Fee of J$12,000.00. Payment Options.
  • Please note that applicants currently residing overseas or who have been residing overseas for six (6) months prior to application, are required to submit Bankruptcy and Police Clearances from that country as well as in Jamaica.  Please see links above pertaining to obtaining a police report and bankruptcy clearance report.
  • Complete Fit and Proper Questionnaire Form
  • The previous registration requirements as a salesman are applicable

Additional Information:
A Licence fee of twenty-two thousand dollars ($22,000.00) is required if application is approved.

      The 20 hours of the 108 hour Pre-licensing Salesman's Course to be done are as follows:

Real Estate Act: 5 hours
Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA): 5 hours
Code of Ethics: 4 hours
Aspects of Jamaican Land Law: 3 hours