Continuing Professional Development

Starting during the licensing   period 2018/2019, real estate dealers and salesmen will be required to participate in Continuing Professional   Development (CPD) courses.  CPD Courses will provide an exposure to   international best practices and will be mandatory for all real estate practitioners.  It is intended to ensure that practitioners maintain the necessary knowledge, skills and competence in a dynamic industry.     

Practitioners will be required to do 20 hours every two years with the focus on the hours of exposure, and not credits.  Courses/seminars will consist of three categories: mandatory, formal and optional courses.  Formal (which includes mandatory), will contribute 8 hours and the remaining twelve (12) hours will come from formal/optional courses.

See the CPD Brochure for a complete listing of the courses we intend to offer as well as the category to which they belong.  The courses will be rolled out over time and notifications will be made here as well as via other media as soon as that information is available.





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